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Zuiho Taiko

the sound of spirit


About us


The name of Zuiho Taiko has its own meaning. Zuiho means treasure of a small town Mizuho where the drum troupe was born. It also means precious stones with a variety of glowing colors. Taiko means drums, a Japanese traditional art.



Our activities include:


  • Performance for concerts, events, ceremonies, schools and other venues.

  • Workshops & Taiko Fitness

  • Visiting children and youth in institutions

  • Dream Ambassador Program for the disabled



What is Zuiho Taiko?


In 1987 a taiko club was created for the intellectually disabled at the Social Welfare Corporation Nankoh Airinkai in Nagasaki, Japan. Those who joined the club loved to play the taiko so kept practicing and performing. In doing so, they wanted and decided to become professional.  In 2001  their dreams came true and a drum troupe was named Zuiho Taiko.


Zuiho Taiko's History

To date, Zuiho Taiko received many awards such as:

  • Tokyo International Taiko Contest, prize winner (2002&2003)

  • Suntory Prize for Community Cultural Activities (2008)

  • Nagasaki Citizen's Special Award (2008)

  • Tokyo International Taiko Contest, First Prize winner  (2010)

  • Unzen, Nagasaki Special Award (2010)

  • Justice Minister's Certification of Appreciation (2012)

  • Nagasaki Governor's Best Award (2012)

  • Awarded Encouragement Prize by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology (2013) 

  • Received a commendation from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology (2017) 


Overseas Performances


Zuiho Tako also performed overseas such as:

  • The United Nation Headquarters in New York (1997)

  • Sydney Paralympic Games and Brisbane Festa in Australia (2000)

  • INAS-FID Global Games in Bollnas, Sweden (2004)

  • Muhibbah Center in Malaysia (2008)

  • the 100th Cherry Blossom Festival at Kennedy Center, Washignton DC (2012)

  • World Congress on Probation, Tokyo in 2017

  • Art Brut in Nantes, France in 2017

  • Japanese Festival, Dubai in 2018

  • 2018 Japan × France Project (Japonisme 2018) in 2019


Social Action Programs


Zuiho Taiko performs for adolescents in juvenile correctional institutions, children in care homes for the abused and without parents since 2001. Because Zuiho Taiko members also lived in a care home for the intellectually disabled, they know what's like to live away from own family. But, they also know that there are people who support those in need. Today they send a message in taiko to be hopeful and follow your bliss no matter what. ​
















Japanese Oh-daiko, a large drum, named 愛 “Love” (a photo on the top of this page) was made in the midst of the aftermath of the 2011 Northeast Tohoku earthquake. It represents the feeling of gratitude and prayer of requiem. Zuiho Taiko continues to tour across the Northeast ever since.  






























The Zuiho Taiko's powerful documentary film "INCLUSION" was made by one of the renowned movie directors in Japan, Ken'ichi Oguri, in 2011. A former First Lady, Kayoko Hosokawa, was the executive producer. Watch a trailer:

For English subtitled movie "INCLUSION", please contact:


Workshops & Taiko Fitness


Zuiho Taiko's team members conduct workshops and taiko fitness club for children and adults. Playin the taiko is good for mental, social and physical development. 


Dream Ambassador Program 

Zuiho Taiko's team members visit your community to give a talk and taiko workshop. They inspire people with or without disabilities.


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