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Zuiho Taiko

the sound of spirit




​Zuiho Taiko is available for performances throughout Japan and overseas. We offer the concerts & shows for small, medium to large-scale venueds tailored to your request. Enjoy a truly  unique experience of taiko.



Japanese: 81 (0)957 77 3934 

English: 81(0)90 1638 6779



Performance Fee


The below is a sample of performance fee for one day by 6 players. If a concert requires more than 2 days due to a distant trip to a destination from Nagasaki, Kyushu, the fee will be reasonably higher but with good value. Please inquire us:

  • up to 30 minutes of performance: from JPY 156,000

  • up to 59 minutes of performance: from JPY 252,000

  • up to 90 minutes of performance: from JPY 342,000


※ Transportation fees are excluded. In some cases accommodation fees will be will be necessary.


Here is a sample of tours in Japan:

  • a 30 minutes performance at a festival in Fukuoka, Kyushu: JPY156,000 plus transportation fees. No accommodations necessary. 

  • a 90 minutes performance in Tokyo:  JPY582,000 plus transportation fees and accommodation.


The above is only an example. We are pleased to make your request realize as much as possible. Send us an e-mail: 


Your requests are handled by our staff below:


Introducing our staff

    Shinjiro Fukuoka                                      

       Executive Director of Zuiho Taiko.                               

       Founded Zuiho Taiko in 1987                                                      
















Youhei Iwanaga                            Yuuko Yoshimoto

            Performance coach                                Taiko Fitness Instructor

            Staff since 2013                                        Staff since 2009













Back-office staff
          Ryoko Goto









I promote Zuiho Taiko in Japan and overseas since 2000. I’ve been in love with Zuiho Taiko since Zuiho Taiko was still an amateur. I wanted as many people as possible to listen to their music. One day I became one of the staff promoting their music to the world. I’m one of those whose life has been changed by Zuiho Taiko. I want to convey their power and smile not only to people in Japan but also to others all over the world. Wishing everyone on the earth to smile and be happy.


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