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Zuiho Taiko

the sound of spirit




Their emotions resonate in every beat.







Introducing players 

Tomohiro Iwamoto (joined in 2001)

Leader of Zuiho Taiko. Specialized in Big Taiko. He plays it with dignity. He is also the father of a son. He composed the original music named "YU-KI " which is the name of his son.


Yoshihiko Nakamura (joined in 2008)

He leads the co-stars in a rhythmic tempo. His eyes look straight into the audience who are absorbed in the beat of drums.


Shoichi Takakura (joined in 2001)

He loves the music of all genres. He has produced more than 30 original songs. He excels in United Taio. Audiences are blown away with his powerful expression of the beat.



















Koichiro Tsuji (joined in 2006)

He is fascinated with an instrument called "Chappa" which led him to explore its tone changes. His Chappa playing shines on stage.


Dan Yamashita (joined in 2001)

He has full of mysterious power to play with unique and comical tempo. His gentle personality attracts people around him. It is also reflected in his yet powerful performance.






Keisuke Kawahara (joined in 2009)

He is stylish which others cannot imitate. His favorite word is "focus." It is also his way of playing the drum and living his life.


Takuya Kawasaki (joined in 2001)

His tempo is perfect. The way he performs on the stage is scrupulous and so is the way he keeps maintenance of drums.


Tatsuki Masuda (joined in 2012)

The audience is fascinated by his facial expressions on stage. His straightforward personality is reflected in the sound of drums. He calls out on the stage out of inspiration which makes the audience feel as if they themselves are playing the drums.

Yuushi Morita (joined in 2009)

He wants the sound of Taiko he plays to reach up to heaven. He is icebreaker and original. His smile and charm are also loved by the audience.


Issei Sakata (joined in 2012)

Specialized in bamboo flute, the music of his own has a world of fantasy. Also a choreographer for the drum courses and training.












Takumi Kida (joined in 2016)

Born in Shimabara City. Plays a dynamic drum from a large physique.

The ability to observe details other than playing is the best of Mizuho Taiko.

Shyunki Maeda (joined in 2018)

The sound produced is sharp from a slender physique. He usually doesn't speak a lot; he uses drums to convey his thoughts.

Koren Matsuzaki  (joined in 2018)

She usually has a humble atmosphere, but when she stands on the stage, she faces the drums with a strong feeling. She plays the rhythm softly and politely.

Kei Todokawa  (joined in 2020)

When he stands on the stage, the soft and slow conversation changes completely, and he looks straight ahead and plays. It looks like he is devoting self to own future.

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