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Zuiho Taiko

the sound of spirit

Our music


Zuiho Taiko deeply resonates with your soul. Each person who listens to its music gets unique inspiration.  

Zuiho Taiko is more than traditional Japanese taiko music.

Zuiho Taiko is one of a kind because its music is created by the players with intellectual disabilities. There are more than 5,000 taiko groups in Japan according to some source on Internet. However, Zuiho Taiko is the only professional group with intellectual disabilities who make their living by creating taiko music.


Their stage is filled with joy. Powerful energy is emitted from their inner beings. You will be inspired whatever you may have on your mind when you listen to it. 


A list of repertoire by Zuiho Taiko


  1. Zuiho, Composed by Kazuaki Iwanaga,  Wishing to become a treasure of our local community and nation

  2.  Tabi: Journey, Composed by Yoshiaki Tashima & Kazuaki Iwanaga,  Hoping, striving and appreciating in living

  3.  Ibuki, Composed by Kazuaki Iwanaga, This is a piece for festival. You can listen to a demo on your left.

  4. Unryu, Composed by Kazuaki Iwanaga, an ensemble imaging the sound of clouds in the sky floating

  5. Hyakuda Ryouran, Composed by Kazuaki Iwanaga, Appreciating diversity. You can listen to a demo on your left.

  6. Toukon, Composed by Kazuaki Iwanaga, Hear this undescribable feeling.

  7. Show, Composed by Show-ichi Takakura, Playing alone with joy

  8. Wa, Composed by Kazuaki Iwanaga, Harmoney

  9. Ganbaran-ba, Composed by Zuiho Taiko, Tomorrow will come.

  10. Yuu, Composed by Zuiho Taiko, Let's play together.

  11. Shimabara, Composed by Kazuaki Iwanaga, This is dedicated for our home town Shimabara.

  12. Unzen, Composed by Kazuaki Iwanaga, Blessed with great nature

  13. Beat-essence, Composed by Maki Isii, a piece for International Taiko Contest 2002

  14. Dagaku, Composed by Kazuaki Iwanaga, Wishing to play forever more, You can listen to a demo on your left.

  15. Zenshin-Daha, Composed by Ichiro Jishooya, Moving forward step by step regardless of any disabilities

  16. Yuuyaku, Composed by Ichiro Jishooya, Looking forward

  17. Yamanari, Composed by Kimihiko Matsumura & International Taiko Contest 2011

  18. Rainbow, Composed by Zuiho Taiko, Let's make a rainbow between you and us.

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